Artist Statement

Etta J. Martin

Boogeymen, They’re Just Like Us

With this series I wanted to “document” the life of The Boogeyman. Whether the viewer believes in the Boogeyman or not, this series allows the audience to a step into what his/her life is like. In each photograph the viewer gets to watch as the Boogeyman does the same mundane/exciting things that we as humans take part in. Cooking, losing, reading, trying to sneak a peek at Christmas presents. Going into this series I became more self-aware of the way that I photograph. Setting up the shots, always putting on some sort of “costume”, ambiguity, the running themes in most of my series’. When printing this series I chose to print in color, on Hot Press Bright Smooth Matte. I printed small on 8 1/2x 11 paper and put captions under each photo. I did this because when I was going through the photographs I was reminded of a children’s book and thought captions would be fitting.

Done in my Fall 2015 Photography Class.


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