False Face



Artist Statement

Etta J. Martin

False Face

When I first started this series it was to depict the concept of all the masks that we as humans wear on a daily basis. As I continued to take more and more photos my series started going in an opposite direction. This series turned into a giant self-portrait. Some of the ideas behind the masks were meticulously planned out while the others were a spur of the moment idea. I tried to stay true to the concept of each mask by putting it in situations that would make the most sense as well. I chose to wear 19 masks and have the 20th photo wearing no mask but not quite seeing my entire face. This series is an ode to all of my previous series’, the mystery, humor, props, etc. It really brings them all together and makes it whole.

I chose to do triptychs so that I could tell a short story in a small amount of images. I printed on 13×19 Semi-Gloss paper, but each individual photo is 4×6. I wanted these photos to be displayed rather big so that the viewer could see the small details that make each photo.

It’s been an incredible journey that I can’t wait to continue.