Little Black Dress

Artist Statement

Etta J. Martin

With my “Misadventures of a Little Black Dress” series I wanted to show a figure of a woman, all dressed in black that could be seen in many different places, ways, etc. I had chosen not to show her face in any of the photos, but one. I did this because I wanted to give off a mood of uncertainty. Who is this woman? What is she doing? I wanted to have my viewers pose questions that may not have an answer to them. For example, in the photo where you can see the face of the woman but it is still distorted, which may cause the viewer to question whether or not this figure is even human. I wanted to create so many different emotions so I decided to put her in as many different places that I could. An open field for the feeling of being content, standing by a hanging door to create the feeling of being off balance, etc. I decided to print this series on Aquarelle Rag because I wanted to bring a sort of texture to the photographs, which were clearly visible but at all overpowering.

Spring 2013